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Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups are the heartbeat of Cross Point Fellowship. Discovery Groups meet on a regular basis in homes to study the Bible and how it applies to our lives ... today. You will find a safe and welcoming environment where relationships are built while having fun and growing closer to God. Discovery Groups usually consist of 3-12 people. These groups are a great way to learn, grow and meet people. Most groups meet weekly or every other week in someone’s home.
Fall Discovery Groups (For contact information please email Pastor Adam

Linda Godwin


Mysteries of the New Testament,  Wednesdays at 1:30

Linda Godwin


Ecclesiastes, Thursdays at 7

Pete and Nancy Shults


Tuesdays at 7 (1st, 3rd, and 4th of month)

Pete Shults


Weekday morning?

Men’s Challenge - Kenn Hurley

On hold for the duration of Joe Mihm’s study

Starting up again soon!

Tuesdays at 7 at CPF

Joe Mihm


"The Explicit Gospel”

Thursdays at 7 (for 6 weeks)

Wayne and Tami Reichert


Wednesdays 6-7:30

Lauren Strickland

Young Women

(Currently Full)


Young Women

(Currently Full)

Mollie Berg and Judy Mihm


Evenings starting in October

Stay tuned!


         Family Fellowship

Adam and Megan Mihm

Park Playdates - 1st Saturday of Month at 10am


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