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CrossPoint Fellowship is offering Free Exterior Thermal Images


Would you like to see how efficient your home insulation is?
A member of our Community Service Team will take exterior thermal images of your home and provide you with a copy. This allows you to identify hidden problems to be able to improve your home’s energy efficiency which in turn saves you money, adds value to your home and protects the environment.

Why is Cross Point Fellowship offering this service?
Because we care!
As we have engaged, listened to and served our community, one of the dominant struggles we identified was the financial hardship associated with healing bills. While we can't pay the bills, we were able to find a creative and effective way to help people reduce them! We have purchased a Thermal Image Camera that enables us to "see" heat loss! These images are provided for FREE along with suggestions for energy savings.

 If you or someone you know would like to receive a report on your home  contact:

Pastor Pete Shults     845.332.0240 
(To email, click on the pastor's name above. Please include your name, address and phone number)

Mailing Address:
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